Natalie and Colin celebrate a decade of love in Tenerife

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June 13, 2023

A Perfect Decade of Love: Natalie and Colin's Surprise 10-Year Anniversary Celebration at Bianco Safari Centre

Amanda a very good friend of Natalie and Colin contacted us to arrange a surprise 10 year anniversary dinner party. The stage was set for an unforgettable celebration. The table was transformed into a paradise of pink, with delicate floral arrangements, creating an ambiance of elegance and romance and not forgetting some personalised bags to keep the kids entertained.

As Natalie and Colin arrived, they were soon greeted by the melodic strains of their wedding song, filling the air with sweet nostalgia. A talented singer, Danielle, serenaded the couple, transporting them back to their magical wedding day.

Thank you so much, we had such a lovely night and the cake was delicious

Natalie and Colin

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