Craig proposes to Rachael in Tenerife

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Craig and Rachael

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Beach Picnic Proposal


September 28, 2023

Picture this: a sunny evening, a tranquil beach, and Craig, ready to embark on a life-changing journey with Rachael. Today, we're sharing the heartwarming story of a laid-back beach proposal filled with love, surprise, and the promise of forever. Join us as we dive into the details of this unforgettable beachside engagement.

After months of meticulous planning, the night had finally arrived for Craig to pop the big question. It was evident from the mix of nerves and excitement in his demeanour that this moment meant the world to him.

We gave Craig the space to savour the intimate moment of his proposal, and we are thrilled to announce that she joyfully accepted his heartfelt question with a resounding "Yes!"

Thanks so much for yesterday, it was amazing we will literally never ever forget that moment.

Craig and Rachael

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