The Couple

Bob and Sarah

Event Type

vow renewal


Hard Rock Hotel


July 19, 2023

Sarah and Bob, a couple whose journey through life has been marked by enduring love, chose to pause, reflect, and celebrate their bond in an unforgettable way. Against the backdrop of the breathtaking Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife.

Under the warm Tenerife sun and against the backdrop of the azure ocean, Sarah and Bob stood before their loved ones, ready to renew the promises they made to each other years ago. The ceremony was a blend of classic romance and modern sophistication, with every detail carefully curated to reflect their journey.

The vow renewal was Bobs idea and a very surprised Sarah who in her own words said that Bob never surprises her with anything was blown away by what we manage to pull off.

As the vow renewal celebration came to an end, Sarah and Bob found themselves not only looking back at the beautiful moments they had shared but also looking ahead with anticipation. Their renewal wasn't just a tribute to their past; it was a promise to continue nurturing their love and embracing the adventures that awaited them.

It was such a pleasure for us to be a part of this.

Thank you so much

Bob and Sarah

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