Rebecca & Raul get Married in Tenerife

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Rebecca & Raul

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Casa Abaco & Titos Bodeguita


May 28, 2023

Casa Abaco and the beautiful Titos bodeguita beach club became the enchanting locations for the wedding of Raul and Rebecca. As their chosen celebrant, I was deeply honoured and excited to share the magical moments that unfolded on this extraordinary day.

Rebecca and Raul embraced the beauty of bilingualism during their ceremony. With great joy and respect for their cultures, the couple chose to weave two languages together, creating a harmonious union of words and traditions. As their celebrant, it was an honor to officiate a bilingual ceremony that not only celebrated their love but also showcased the richness and inclusivity of their relationship. Through the power of language, their vows and promises resonated with all present, bridging gaps and uniting hearts across cultures.

With heartfelt joy, I stood before them, knowing that this moment marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey. Raul and Rebecca, side by side, embarking on a path of endless love, trust, and devotion.

Their vows, etched into eternity, symbolise a promise to cherish each other's dreams, uplift one another in times of triumph or trials, and celebrate the beauty of their union every day. This day is not only about their love but also about the love that surrounds them. It is a celebration of togetherness, where family, friends, and loved ones come together to shower them with blessings, love, and heartfelt wishes.

As I officiated the ceremony, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude for being part of such a momentous occasion. Raul and Rebecca, may your love story continue to inspire and bring joy to all who witness it. May your marriage be a testament to the power of love, and may you find solace in each other's embrace throughout the journey ahead.

Rebecca & Raul

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