Pausen proposes to Melissa in Tenerife

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Pausen & Melissa

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The Jewel


November 27, 2023

In the serene oasis of the jewel, amidst lush greenery and gentle breezes, Pausen embarked on a journey to forever with Melissa. Join us in celebrating their enchanting proposal. We selected the picturesque Jewel as the canvas for Pausen's heartfelt proposal to Melissa. With its natural beauty and tranquil ambiance, it was the perfect setting for a moment they would cherish forever. Under the swaying palm trees and the soft embrace of a Tenerife sunset, Pausen knelt before Melissa and asked her to be his wife. Melissa's radiant smile and joyful "yes" illuminated the evening, a memory etched in time. As they stood hand in hand amidst the beauty of Plantacion del Sur, Pausen and Melissa embarked on a journey to forever. Their love story promises to be filled with adventures, laughter, and boundless joy.

Pausen & Melissa

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