David proposes to Melinda in Tenerife

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David and Melinda

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Beach Proposal Photoshoot Picnic


August 27, 2023

David's dream was to capture the moment he proposed to Melinda in a setting as breathtaking as their love story. An idea was born – a photoshoot that would capture not only their bond but also the very moment he would ask her to be his forever. The beach, with its timeless beauty and serene backdrop, held the key to bringing this vision to life.

As the photoshoot commenced, Our expert photographer captured some incredible shots of their shared laughter, whispered conversations, and the ease with which they fit into each other's worlds. Little did Melinda know that the photoshoot was about to culminate in a moment she would cherish forever.

As we moved them into position we ask Melinda to look out towards the ocean, as David got into place, as she turned round and you can see for yourself how happy they both were.

David and Melinda

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