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October 17, 2023

Love often manifests through small yet profound gestures. Calvin, inspired to create a memorable morning, embarked on a mission to etch an unforgettable memory in his partner's heart.

Just last month, Calvin reached out to us, expressing his interest in one of our picnic proposals. As our conversation went on , he revealed that he was staying in a villa, prompting us to tailor the surprise to his unique setting.

The stage was set in the villa's garden, a picturesque location boasting awe-inspiring views of the sea. We cleverly disguised the surprise as a family photoshoot, with our photographer leading Calvin down to the beachfront to initiate the photo session. Simultaneously, we quietly began crafting the romantic picnic setup. Calvin had a heartfelt vision of capturing the proposal against the backdrop of the ocean, so we orchestrated the scene, positioning his partner to face away from him. As she spun around, her face lit up with astonishment, and what made the moment even more heartwarming was that their daughter was there to witness this beautiful declaration of love.

Gail and Tracey arranged a wonderful seaside proposal for us, complete with a romantic picnic. They were fantastic with our two-year-old daughter, making the moment perfect. Their friendly and professional approach made everything smooth and memorable. We highly recommend them for any special occasion. They truly went above and beyond to make our day special. Thank you, Gail and Tracey!

Calvin & Kirsten

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