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January 4, 2023

In November, Ljubisa reached out with a request that set the stage for an unforgettable chapter in their lives. He entrusted us with the task of planning his marriage proposal, offering us the creative freedom to craft an event that would capture the essence of their love story. After considering the significance of the location, we decided that The Pearl would serve as the perfect backdrop for this momentous occasion.

Our preparations went beyond the traditional arrangements of flowers, a musician, and a videographer to immortalize the moment. We took the concept of a proposal to new heights by orchestrating an entire event, meticulously designed to create the perfect setting for Ljubisa to ask Andrea to spend their lives together. This wasn't just any event; it was a masterpiece of deception, crafted with love and a keen attention to detail.

The performers for the evening were carefully selected, not just for their talent but for their ability to bring our elaborate plan to life. They were scripted to start singing Andrea's favorite song at the precise moment Ljubisa was ready to pop the question, adding a deeply personal touch to the proposal. This musical cue was the signal for the evening to transition from a seemingly normal event into the moment that would define their future.

The waiting staff played a pivotal role in this orchestrated affair, briefed in advance to bring over the rings and flowers at the exact right moment. Their timing and discreetness were crucial in maintaining the surprise, ensuring that every element of the plan unfolded seamlessly.

The venue itself was complicit in our scheme, helping to keep the proposal a secret from Andrea. They invited a handful of guests to make the event appear like a regular gathering, thereby preserving the element of surprise. None of the guests were aware that they were about to witness a proposal, making their genuine reactions part of the magic of the evening.

Andrea was utterly blown away, not just by the beauty of the setting at The Pearl, but by the depth of Ljubisa's commitment and the lengths to which he went to make the proposal a spectacular event. The evening was a testament to their love, a moment made possible by careful planning, a touch of deception, and a whole lot of heart.

I had the most PERFECT DAY in Tenerife, thanks to Gale helping my fiancé make our engagement a dream come true! If you ever consider Tenerife as your engagement or wedding destination (which you should!), Gale will definitely take care of all little details and make it a lifetime memory!

Andrea & Ljubisa

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