Getting married in Tenerife

Can I get legally married in Tenerife?

We get asked this quite a lot by our brides and grooms, yes you can get married here legally if one of you is a citizen of Spain or a resident for a minimum of 2 years, but its a lot of paperwork.

The other option if you are non resident is a Catholic wedding, you will need to speak with your priest, who would then contact the priests over here, from there they would gather all the necessary documents and start the paperwork.

if you are not Catholic or a resident then we can do a marriage blessing here in Tenerife and you can do all your legal paperwork at home. The only difference is the signing of the legal document, so we suggest you do this before you come and then we celebrate your beautiful day in sunny climates as you say I Do surrounded by your loved ones.

if you live here and are interested in doing your paperwork read on below.

Step 1- Getting the documents you need

Depending on the registry office you chose if its Los Cristianos or another one in Tenerife you need to present one or both of the following:

- A certificate of no impediment (CNI)

- A marital status certificate.

CHECK which you need one/or both then apply for the certificates:

You can find links to these documents on the UK government website.

You then print the documents and complete them and signed in front of a notary who must provide "legitimation de Firma"

You also need to print the notice of marriage - the notary will add there signature, seal and the legitimation de firm" ( this will not be posted back to you it will be kept by the consulate in Madrid)

Your affirmation document fully completed and signed by you in front of the notary - the notary will provide a "legitimacy de firma"

Make sure the details are exactly as it reads in your passport.

you also need to send:

  • A photocopy of you and your spouse passport - the details page.
  • Certificado de empadron
  • Copy of your TIE card
  • If you have been married before you need to send your original decree absolute

Give yourself enough time to organise all of this before making your appointment to present your papers and open your marriage application.

Step 2- submit your application

You need to go to the town hall where you plan on getting married and take the following:

Your signed application form

Original passports and photocopies

Original birth certificates

Certificates of marital status

Divorcee decree- if applicable

Death certificate if you are a widower

utility bill with your current address

Empadron no older than a month

Step 3 - Apply for your license

10 days after you have filed your application you can apply for the interview, you need to do this to get your marriage licence. Appointments can take up to 6 weeks and you both must attend the appointment. You might be interviewed separately. After the appointment you will then be issued with your marriage license - this is valid for 6 months. (You will need a translator for this appointment if you don't speak Spanish, as your interview will be in Spanish)

Step 4 - Getting Married Officially

To get legally married here you need to attend a Civil Ceremony before the Mayor or councillor or notary. The civil registry can help arrange this.

Once your civil ceremony has been performed you need to register the union at the Registro Civil. This can be done by downloading and completing the marriage registration form. The Registry will issue you with your Marriage Certificate.

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